10 Reasons Why You Should Use VPS

Are you confused about whether to rent a VPS or not? This is definitely a common problem after you have been using shared hosting for a long time. Especially when your visitors are not stable clicking on your website or in other words the number of your visitors is still fluctuating. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. So not infrequently, your web hosting server, which has never had a problem, becomes problematic. Actually, when that happened, you should have started installing a VPS. But why should you use a VPS?

So you see, conditions like that usually make shared hosting customers panic . It is also considered as a problem that occurs on the server. Though not always like that.

Then, Why Should You Use VPS?

Shared hosting service providers such as Idwebhostcom usually have limitations for resource usage on their servers. Understandably, the name is also shared hosting. This is really done to overcome excessive usage on one account and disrupt other accounts. So actually, when you use shared hosting, each of your domains has been given their fair share.

But when the quota exceeds the specified capacity, the server will deactivate the web hosting account automatically. Well, because of that, your Luxembourg Phone Number List website is not accessible. So it’s not the server that’s the problem, it’s the server that’s trying to keep the hosting stable.

So, when you ask the call center why it can be overloaded, then you will be advised to start renting a VPS. Of course, this suggestion came after checking why the website could not be accessed.

Is it just a matter of lots of visitors the reason why you should use a VPS? Are there no other reasons why you should use a VPS.

Multiple Hosting Accounts in 1 VPS

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Here are 10 reasons you must know why you should use a VPS for your website.

The first reason why you should use a VPS is because the server on the VPS is much more stable than shared hosting. Why? Because capacity usage per account with others does not affect each other like when on shared hosting. That’s what makes VPS servers much more stable. The sign of a stable server is when visitors suddenly explode, your website can still be accessed smoothly and without obstacles.

When you use a shared hosting service, you can only add domains in 1 hosting account. But when you use a VPS, it’s different. You can install a Web Host Manager or WHM panel and can create multiple cPanel accounts on just one VPS.

This is certainly an advantage, right? Especially when you work with serving several clients. You can even create your own hosting providebe Country List ar company. How? Buying a VPS has the opportunity to open your own hosting provider company.


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