13 Number Processing Applications Besides Microsoft

Apache openoffice calc is a number crunching application from the openoffice suite of applications developed by the apache software foundation. Openoffice calc is an open source project from the apache foundation so you can use this application for free. To use it is fairly easy because this application has a look and format that is very similar to microsoft excel. This will make it easier for users who are already familiar with excel to switch to using openoffice calc.

Datapilot Technology to Process Raw Data From Database

A cloud- based data processing application . Image by equals .
Equals is a cloud-base Croatia B2B List data processing application that can be integrated with various types of databases. This application is suitable for data scientists to process very large amounts of data.

Price: starter plan starts at usd 49 per month for 3 users.

4. Google sheets
Competitive microsoft excel number processing application from google.
Google’s competitor to microsoft excel. Image by google .
Is a web-based spreadsheet application made by google. Google sheets can be used offline via apps on Android, ios and desktop by installing google drive.

Main feature:

The Interface is User friendly and Similar to Excel

Croatia B2B List

Features autosave and automatic synchronization when used online.
Integrated with other tools made by google, such as google docs, google drive, and google slides.

Platforms: web , ios , ipados , and android .

Price: free with a google account. Image by libreoffice .
is a number crunching application from libreoffice, an office application package developed by the document foundation. In general, this application is similar to Apache openoffice calc. Libreoffice calc Main feature:

Intuitive and user-friendly interface .
Scenario manager feature to perform “ what if ” data analysis.
Supports various types of file formats and is compatible with microsoft excel.
Supports a wide variety of calculation functions, including imaginary numbers, as well as other financial and statistical functions.

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