Can Customize Website Specific Niche

Another example is the . EDU domain which represents an educational or education-based site.

Then, what about this extension? XYZ Domains for what? Be aware that XYZ domains are not tied to any specific entity. Whatever you use, you can use it freely. XYZ domains are extensions that are suitable for use on any domain name and niche website.

Disadvantages of XYZ Domains

To judge it fairly, you also need to know what the XYZ domain lacks. Even if it’s not much, it’s still a good idea to consider the following before using an XYZ domain. The disadvantages of XYZ domains are as follows:

The relatively small number of uses compared to the domain extension often makes the XYZ domain name look foreign. Some users even wonder if the XYZ domain is safe to use.

XYZ domain prices are cheap for the first year only. In the following years, you will be charged the normal price, which if calculated is not much different from the price of other TLD domains. Eitss , but don’t worry, if you want an XYZ domain that is guaranteed to be cheap, you can use.

I’m sure you’ve been waiting for this discussion. Before closing this article, you can find out some examples of XYZ domain websites that Apparel and Clothing Manufacturers Email List are quite popular. What are some examples? Let’s find out from the reviews below.

Daniel Nagari Official Website

One example of a website with an XYZ domain is the official website of the creator of this domain extension. That’s right, Daniel Nigari has an official website for himself. Daniel Negara’s site contains all explanations regarding his domain and website.

Daniel Nigari uses his official website to present his profile, motivation, vision and mission, and other information related to his profession as an XYZ domain creator. The domain name used is even very unique, you know. Daniel Negara’s website has a domain name

Industry Email List

The next example is the Alphabet website. This is a site of Google’s parent company. This site was created in 2015. The name of this site is be Country List a quite unique and can attract a lot of attention from visitors. The alphabet website has a web address This site from India also uses the XYZ domain extension on its website. Social News has an unquestionable reputation.

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