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Confused because you don’t have fun activities in the fasting month? Or do you need references to useful activities before breaking the fast? Instead of being confused, let’s take a look at Shopee-style ngabuburit tips that you can try at home. Apart from iftar and tarawih, ngabuburit or the activity of waiting for iftar is one of the traditions that is always looked forward to during the month of Ramadan. This tradition makes the fasting month even more lively because it is filled with various interesting activities. Shopee as one of the largest marketplaces in Indonesia also doesn’t want to miss celebrating this traditional moment. In this month full of blessings, Shoppe shares some fun and useful tips for relaxing. Not only that, Shoppe also presents various exciting offers every day.

Tips for Cycling Ala Shape

According to Monica Vienna as Shoppe’s Head of Marketing Growth in Indonesia, there are various activity options that can be done to fill the ngabuburit moment. Among them are hunting iktar menus, cooking, quality time with family, and sports. Shoppe also held a Ramadhan Sale 4.4 event on April 4 yesterday by presenting various promos, including: Free shipping Rp0 all stores without minimum shopping and without conditions, Surprise Metal Coal Mining Email List vouchers up to 1.5 million for shopping at Shoppe, RP1 Groceries Flash Sale for staple products such as cooking oil, rice, sugar and others. Super Cashback, Everything Minimarket Save IDR 40 and Flash Sale 4x a day. You can take part in the Flash Sale  both sellers and buyers.

Tidying up Kitchen Contents

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During the fasting month, the kitchen becomes one of the most important and frequently used rooms. This is where you will prepare everything you need for Ashur or breaking your fast. The kitchen will usually look messy because it is often used to be creative. For that, it’s a good idea to fill your ngabuburit time by cleaning and tidying up the kitchen. A neat and clean kitchen atmosphere will certainly add to the comfort in cooking. You will also find it easier to find ideas and inspiration to create dishes. Read Also 5 Ways to Overcome Unsupported Addresses Country List at Shoppe 4 Complete Ways to Pay Shoppe at Indomaret Not to forget, you can also add to your kitchen equipment collection in the Shoppe application to make it even more exciting. Or you can also hunt for discounts on groceries and various other kitchen and cooking needs.

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