How the R$1,200 Coupon works in Google Ads + Campaign Creation Tips

When you open the Google Ads page, you’ve probably come across this eye-catching ad: “ To help you get started with Google Ads, R$1200.00 of advertising credit. Learn More ” Understand everything how it works, what are the eligibility criteria and if it’s really worth taking advantage of this offer to start advertising on Google Ads. How does the R$1,200 credit in Google Ads work? To receive the $1200 credit, you must first spend $1200 on your Google Ads campaigns. That is, to receive the credits, you first need to invest that amount in your campaigns, it’s like a “cashback”. A very important note is that the R$1,200.00 must be spent within 60 days. You can create campaigns that consume this amount however you like, as long as it’s within two months. An example of a campaign to receive in 60 days: Research Campaign with a daily budget of R$21.00/day.

Promotions tab and meeting all eligibility criteria

Within 58 days your account would be receiving R$1,200.00 in ad credits . Google Ads Coupon Eligibility Criteria To take advantage of this promotional offer, it’s important to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria established by Google. The most important criteria to look out for are: Account American Samoa Business Email List Creation : Offer must be implemented within 14 days of the first ad impression for that Google Ads account. This means it’s crucial to act quickly once you’ve set up your account to make the most of the £1200 credit. For New Advertisers Only : The account using the coupon code must not have run ads before. This stipulation ensures that companies that have not previously used the platform can benefit from this promotional offer. Other Important Observations Credit Validity : Credit expires 60 days after being added to your account Credit is valid for future advertising costs only.

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It cannot be used to cover accrued spend before

You implement the promotional offer in your. Google Ads account You will not receive any notification when your Google Ads account runs out of credit. If you only want to spend R$1,200.00 you need to be aware of this The Coupon Redemption. Process Once you’ve met the eligibility criteria and created Country List your Google Ads account. It’s time to redeem the $1200 coupon and start taking advantage of the Google advertising network. Here’s how the rescue process works using Expert Mode. Open your browser and go to the Google Ads website at to start the account creation process. After logging in, you will be taken to the account setup page. Fill in the basic information requested, such as the country in which your business is located.

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