Creative Ways to Make Better B2B Sales Calls

How many times have you heard that sales is a numbers game? And if you want to boost your B2B sales results, you need to commit to making more calls? But what happens when you’ve reached your maximum call volume and your results are still below quota? Eco friendly crypto, altcoins Consider this: According to Salesforce research, 92% of customer interaction occurs by phone, but as many as 85% of customers say they are unhappy with their phone experience. The answer is not quantity but quality. To meet your sales quotas, you need some creative tactics that will help you improve your calling technique. Here are 11 creative ways to make better B2B sales calls. 1) Be Positive and Enthusiastic When you’re positive, your attitude rubs off on the people around you. Your enthusiasm and passion for what.


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Sales calls. Here’s how to create some energy: Know your stuff. When you’re knowledgeable about what you’re selling, your excitement rings true. Stand up or, if you can, walk around. You’ll feel more energetic and make better B2B sales calls. 2) Avoid Hyperbole and Over-Emphasis Yes, you can take your enthusiasm too far. So be careful you don’t go “over the top.” First, hyperbole never rings true, and you risk losing customer confidence. Second, when your every word is bold and emphatic, your key message is lost. Identify the one key message you want Petroleum Manufacturers Email Lists customers to remember—the takeaway—and focus your emphasis on that. 3) Know Your Prospect Between social media, third-party data services, and digital marketing and business intelligence tools, you never need to make another cold call. Before you pick up the phone, do your homework as follows: Research every prospect and identify the pain points common in their industry. Visit a prospect’s website and make sure you have accurate contact information. For even greater insight.

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And curating competitive (publicly available) intelligence—such as a company’s tech stack. Initiate a relationship through social media, such as LinkedIn, before you make a sales pitch. Review any articles or posts that may provide insight into products and services the company may need. 4) Lead with a Bang Because there are no second chances, you need to ensure that a prospect’s first impression of you and your product/service is memorable: Be bold but approachable. Be confident without seeming arrogant. For example, don’t start by apologizing forbe Country List a interrupting their day with your call. Set a prospect’s expectations for exciting news by starting on a positive and uplifting note. 5) Focus on Building Enduring Relationships Buyers are often wary of salespeople. Even when they are looking to buy, they don’t want to feel that they are being.

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