Differences between Static and Dynamic QRIS that You Must Know When Shopping

What is the difference between static and dynamic QRIS? Maybe some of you are hearing this term for the first time. It must be admitted that since the introduction of non-cash payments using QRIS, all online transactions or shopping have become easier, more practical, and faster. How to make payments with QRIS can now be done through several digital wallet applications, such as GoPay, OVO, LinkAJA, ShopeePay, and e-banking. Now, in its use, Bank Indonesia has classified two types of QR Code Indonesian Standard . a special code created, regulated and supervised by Bank Indonesia together with the Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI) for use by the public in non-cash transactions.

Definition of QRIS

Special code created. Regulated and supervised by. Bank indonesia. Together with the indonesian. Payment system association. (aspi) for use by the public in non-cash transactions. Using qris is quite. Safe and practical because users. Only need to scan or scan a barcode. Enter their account pin. And write down the nominal they want to send. For example, transferring balances to fellow OVO users using QRIS. So, so far Bank Indonesia has established Railroad Transportation Email List two types of QRIS displays, namely static and dynamic. What is the difference and meaning of each of these terms? 2. What is Static and Dynamic QRIS? Bank Indonesia does not only print Static QRIS which can be used for multiple transactions.

Dynamic QRIS

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For more details, let’s see the difference between Static and Dynamic QRIS below! 2.1. Static QRIS The difference between static and dynamic qris Source: qris. id Also Read What is the Latest Shopee COD Limit? These are the Terms and Conditions Now! How to Check Tokopedia Balance to Withdraw to Account, Easy! As the name suggests ‘static’, this QRIS is fixed. Static QRIS types will usually be printed once or displayed via an image print out sticker. That is, when there is a change in the QR Code link, the seller will replace it with a new one. So, on be Country List a average, Static QRIS will be placed on an acrylic display specifically for barcodes or you can also use a QR Code stand and install it on the cashier’s desk.

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