According to several studies, Belgians spend more than 5 hours a day or 35 hours a week online, connected to their various devices. In general, they connect to be informed daily on the news, then to consult their various social networks. Finally, they regularly consult their instant messaging. Digital terminals are therefore at the heart of Belgian daily life . If we have to be satisfied with the digital transformation of companies. Which has accelerated in recent years, it should however be noted that most of them have not yet managed to develop their potential . This denotes a general lack of strategy and ignorance of the key tools of digital marketing. Indeed, a well-developed digital strategy can be a real growth lever for the company.

A real opportunity for companies

Digital marketing suits them rather well since many of them have a laptop or a smartphone through which they connect. As a result, new online consumption habits are developing . For example, there is multitasking  TV on demand, podcasts, etc. And in this rise of digital, social networks occupy a key place in the daily life of Internet users. Indeed, a large Chinese Student Phone Number List percentage of the population is very regularly present  on social media. And the number is increasing, confirming the idea that digital marketing could take on yet another dimension. This number has also seen a spectacular rise with the advent of the Covid-19 crisis and the massive use of teleworking. In short, the explosion of digital consumption.

A performance lever for your company

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Consumer trends are therefore now strongly influenced by digital channels to the point where young people born between 1997. And 2010, for example, think that social media is the most  relevant advertising channel. It is therefore not surprising  that companies that invest intelligently and regularly in digital marketing succeed in establishing themselves in their markets. To really put digital at the heart of your company’s activity, you must be be Country List a able to undertake a coherent strategy. In addition, it is important to set up continuous reporting actions to readjust your forecasts and your results. More concretely, you are invited to draw up a document in which the precise objectives of the strategy that you intend to implement will be recorded.

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