Don’t lose the tracking code

Most bloggers use analytics applications, such as Google Analytics or similar. Generally these bloggers use a plugin to add a tracking code. Some others have modified the code to use footer. And maybe some of you have pasted the AdSense tracking code on your blog or website.

Whatever code you embed on your website or blog, be sure to copy it first before changing to a new WordPress theme. Thus, you will no longer have to worry about finding code or plugins from the old theme that are not compatible with the new theme. Actually this is a simple thing, but many bloggers forget to do it.

 Don’t forget to backup

Tips on changing the WordPress theme that are no less important are doing backups or backups. As a website owner, the precautionary measure that you must take is to back up all files, themes, plugins and databases.

There are many tools that you can use to back up everything on your website before changing to a new theme. You may have felt annoyed Jewelry Stores Email List when you found a broken site when visiting a website. Likewise, what your website visitors will feel when visiting during the switching process. For this reason, the best option you can do is activate maintenance mode when switching.

After activating maintenance mode, you can continue the switching process again without having to get scolded by visitors.

 Test functions and plugins

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After activating a new theme, all you have to and must do is test all the features and plugins on the new theme. In this phase, you have to make sure the existing features and plugins work well in the new theme.

Here you can decide what plugins and widgets you want to add from the old theme to the new one. Try all the existing features, such as comments, new posts, archive pages, contacts, and also sitemaps. Make sure everything is working normally.

Testing new themes in the browser is very important right after the switching process. Test your site in all accessible browsers. This is very important if you as a website owner don’t want to get complaints from visitors if the website cannot be opened in certain browsers.

The easiest step to take is to check be Country List a website visitor statistics and see what browsers visitors use the most. You can start checking compatibility based on the records you have.

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