Elementor Free or Pro is It Worth It

Trying to build your site on your own and wondering if Elementor is the builder for you? We give you our feelings, we, who work every day with and who write this article using Elementor. This is not a sponsored article but contains an affiliate link. We will give the strengths and weaknesses of the plugin as well as our opinion as an Elementor Expert. Elementor was created in 2016 by a group of professionals who, like us, were frustrated with the process of creating websites using WordPress. Elementor relies on the drag and drop system to make modifications easier. But is it just the latest trendy page builder or is it really worth to make modifications easier.

What is Elementor?

If you’re just starting out and your budget is tight, the free version. Elementor is for you but if, like us, you’re looking for more advanced features, you might consider purchasing the  paid version. Be aware that Elementor has a free version as  well as a Rich People Phone Number List paid version. Unlike other page builders, Free Elementor allows you to do many things to make your site look like new. What you see while editing is the same as what the end user sees. Thanks to Elementor, you can modify your theme or start from scratch. The one in your footer change everything with the theme editor. Want to create a popup.

Elementor Highlights

Special Database

Elementor Pro gives you a whole list of features but the free version doesn’t have to be ashamed either. Having a site compatible with computers is good, but having a site compatible with smartphones is absolutely  essential in 2020. Elementor  will adapt your site directly for smartphones. A problem with a display? You will have access to a “tablet” and “smartphone” view to make changes to these versions. Of course, you can start from 0 but when be Country List a you make a site with WordPress, you will need a starting theme. Lucky for you that Elementor is compatible with most themes. You can start from this base and save precious hours.

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