Email Marketing During a Pandemic Tips Tactics and Examples

The virus that must-not-be-named has officially become a full-blown nightmare. As the virus continues to spread, businesses continue to suffer. Business-to-Business or B2B companies are no exception; sales have slowed down as work remains closed. However, there is still some good news; experts believe that businesses will find a way to keep operational because no one wants to go hungry. Therefore, most companies are trying to find safe solutions to remain functional, and Digital platforms have emerged as a viable solution. Eco friendly crypto, altcoins Given the shift towards digital platforms, B2B businesses must develop or update their digital marketing strategy. We have compiled a few top tips and tactics with relevant examples for your inspiration. These are: Account Based Marketing For the Win ABM is what Pete Campbell and Don Draper do in Mad Men.


Campbell brings in clients that are sizeable

And are interested in making a purchase, whereas Draper closes them off by an explosive marketing pitch tailor-made for them. When marketing and sales combine their skills to target clients that are most likely to purchase your products, you have got a winning strategy at hand. This is what ABM does; it is a B2B marketing strategy in which marketing Building Hardware and Garden Dealers Email List teams work closely with sales teams to identify key prospects and to tailor their marketing strategy for those clients. Instead of mass marketing, ABM is micro marketing in which the marketing message of a company is made for the clients who are most likely to convert. The results? Research shows that marketing companies that use ABM are 75% more successful in converting leads to sales as compared to marketing companies that do not use ABM. Embrace the Digital Revolution – Build an Online Presence Simple.

Stylish, and Responsive Websites Are Your Most

Industry Email List

Powerful marketing tools in 2020. Pandemic or no pandemic, a strong online brand presence is the need of the day. A website is like the shopping window of your store; a well-designed website not only attracts traffic, it leads to higher sales. Keep the following in mind when making your website: Simple is better: you may be tempted to add a variety of colors and features on your website, but don’t! A simple and clean website design is easy to comprehend, accessible and prompts sales. Quality of content: when you design your website, think like a consumer. Whichbe Country List a information would they want first? Which question would they ask? And so forth. The content on your website should be valuable to the consumer; it should be clear and meaningful. Responsive: More than 70% of consumers will access your website from their smartphone.

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