If you’ve been using Face book Ads for a while, you’re probably used to frequent disapproval—sometimes right, sometimes wrong. If you are new to Facebook Ads, it can be a constant frustration, trying to understand what is approved and what is not. Facebook ad disapproving memes Facebook’s advertising policy, with all its nuances, can be overwhelming. But in this guide, we will help you understand the Facebook ad approval process, how long it will take, and then share with you: What to do if your Facebook ad isn’t accepted. How to prevent, fix, or raise Facebook ad disapproval. Disobedience is a common cause. What to do if your account is disabled.

How to Prevent or Fix Facebook Ad Disapproval

Read on to learn how to get your Facebook ads approved fast. How long does it take for Facebook to approve an ad? In the manual review process, a person looks at the ad and evaluates the content on factors such as context, impact and quality. Then your ad  can be published or rejected. This is why one ad can be approved in minutes while Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List others take days. facebook ad waiting for meme review Was your Facebook ad disapproved? Here’s what to do If your Facebook ad is disapproved, you’ll receive a notification indicating the policy you violated, with a link to that policy, and often with [really unhelpful] recommendations on how to fix it. (Like “Do not violate this policy.”) Other times it will be very vague. Facebook ad disapproved – ad can’t run.

Check the Quality of Your Ad Copy

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Update your site’s notification URL(s). Fortunately, most ads are disapproved for small details that you can easily edit and redo for quick review and approval. To the End That Be sure to read the policy carefully and consider your ad carefully. Then make changes to the copy, target, image, etc. You need to wait for the approval, which may take another day. How to Disapprove Facebook Ads If you are sure that the ad is in full compliance with the policy and be Country List a that editing will not improve the chances of approval, you can appeal the disapproval and request a reconsideration. To do this, select the disapproved ad (unfortunately, you can only select one) and click the edit button.

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