Free Install Uninstall Software

The fifth reason that can be used to switch to a VPS is because when you use a VPS you can upgrade capacity without migrating. In contrast to shared hosting, where when you move packages, you have to migrate.

Even so there are also some hosting providers that do not enforce migration. But if you use VPS it’s not like that. By using a VPS, all you have to do is make transfers which are quite easy or don’t even need to be moved. You only need to configure it on your Cloud VPS panel.

 Free Install Uninstall Software

When you decide to use a VPS, you can determine which software you want to use or what you need. You can also uninstall useless software. Apart from that, you can also add several applications that you need in the system that you want to build For your knowledge, the panel on this VPS is not just WHM. But there are lots of panel options that can Macedonia Phone Number List be added. For example, you can use Webize, Vestas and others. For Webize itself, is a panel that is also provided by several hosting service providers. So you don’t need to be confused about how to install it. Because it’s usually a package deal.

8. More Flexible Security Configuration

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The reason why you have to use the eighth VPS is that the configuration of the security system is more flexible. When you rent a VPS, the operating system is usually determined by the hosting service provider. Well, the security settings that are applied are also simple.

So you need to reconfigure. The advantage of configuring security yourself is that you can get a better security version. Such as closing unused ports, adding a firewall, and dealing with viruses that may suddenly appear on your system.

If you compare with shared hosting, then you can see that VPS has much larger resources at relatively similar prices. Users can even add RAM, bandwidth, and CPU which on shared hosting you can’t do that. Really a good advantage for the development of your website ?

When you decide to rent a VPS , you will be given a special IP address that only belongs to the server itself. This IP address can be used to access the server using SSH or access files in a browser using the IP address, not the domain. So, the IP function is the same as the domain. meanwhile if you use Shared Hosting, you have to add costs to have a Dedicated IP. Because in shared hosting, 1 IP is used by several users.

Those were some reasons why yoube Country List a should use a VPS. So, have you started talking about VPS ? Which one do you want? VPS or regular Shared Hosting? Maybe you can click here to find out.

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