Free Migration and Instant Backup

Migrating hosting is generally considered a hassle. Complicated. But with IDwebhost, migration can be done easily, and of course it’s free. The IDwebhost support team will be ready to help you move your entire data transfer process with full dedication.

Not only is migration free, IDwebhost is also committed to ensuring the data on your website is safe. By subscribing to hosting at IDwebhost, it means you will get instant and auto backup features. You just have to sit tight and the website backup process will be handled periodically by the system.

This is certainly good as anticipation if something unwanted happens to your website. Data that was previously deleted due to a problem will be easily found again and restored as before. And all of these features can be enjoyed in all IDwebhost hosting packages.

Money Back Guarantee

Not many cheap hosting providers dare to provide a money back guarantee. And IDwebhost is one of them. That’s why IDwebhost makes every effort to maintain customer trust by providing the best service. Many people doubt the cheap hosting sentence. Many think that cheap hosting is just bullshit because they are considered unable to provide Religious Email List excellent service. Even though it provides the cheapest price hosting packages, what is offered is not cheap.

Advanced technology, excellent support team, and affordable prices are one of the reasons for choosing IDwebhost. The motto Best Service at Affordable Cost is the core of every IDwebhost service. By subscribing to hosting at IDwebhost, customers can enjoy a free domain forever. The free includes the extensions.


Registered by PANDI

To provide web hosting and domain registration services, IDwebhost has fulfilled all the necessary legal aspects. IDwebhost has received accreditation from PANDI and the Ministry of Communication and Information. Not only that, IDwebhost is the first hosting provider in Indonesia accredited by ICANN.

Industry Email List

ICANN is the worldwide domain accreditation agency. Of course this proves the seriousness of IDwebhost that it is not only well recognized in Indonesia, but also abroad. Meanwhile, with accreditation from PANDI and the Ministry of Communication and Information, IDwebhost can become a domain registrar in Indonesia. hat’s the reason for choosing Do not let choosing web hosting like buying a cat in a sack. Choosing cheap web hosting must also be balanced with excellent quality and service. IDwebhost has various cheap hostingbe Country List a packages with various features and sophisticated technology. The reason for choosing IDwebhost is the right choice for those of you who want the best combination of the best cheap hosting providers in Indonesia.

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