Gdpr Presentation of the New Regulation

Probably heard about it in the newspapers, the GDPR has arrived. GDPR or RGPD in French (General Data Protection Regulation) is a European regulation comes into force today, May 25, 2018. This regulation aims to protect the consumer following the numerous scandals on the misuse of data. The GDPR is a small revolution for companies as well as for consumers. It must allow you to keep control of your data , in order to prevent them from being transmitted for commercial purposes without your knowledge. As a result, both the collection and the processing of your data will be modified. Until now, you consented to the use and transmission of your personal data without even knowing.

The importance of consent

You had to tick a box indicating your agreement with the general conditions of sale. Sometimes this box is already checked to make it easier for you. This is when you authorize the company to use  this information. From now on, a specific box not Iceland Phone Number List checked in advance will stipulate that you give your consent for the use of your data . Your consent must therefore “be given by a clear positive act by which the data subject manifests in a free, specific, informed and unequivocal manner his agreement to the processing of personal data concerning him, for example by means of a written declaration, including including electronically, or an oral statement. as specified.

More transparency

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The identity and contact details of the data processing manager. As we have specified above, the processing of your data will also be modified . In order to avoid any unpleasant surprises via the media. The GDPR  obliges companies to put in place foolproof transparency. Companies will have to, when collecting your data, give you access to a lotbe Country List a of information that was not then accessible. As you will have understood, the GDPR protects the consumer from misuse of information . It is therefore normal for it to limit the retention of your data over time. From now on you will be able to request the erasure of your data at any time as easily as they were collected.

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