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The development of telework during this period of confinement has accelerated new business practices. Some companies have succeeded in making 100% of their sales remotely , even though the very principle of teleworking was not possible. This debate is naturally aimed at sales managers looking for answers to the issues identified in the approach with their customers during Covid-19. Perhaps they themselves have adapted their practices to continue serving customers.

It would be harmful to act as if nothing

They had to think of new approaches to approach the first exchanges with prospects. The it into his responses. Marketing managers also have to learn from this period in their approach and the way they address prospects Latest Mailing Database in communications and content in general. It would be harmful to act as if nothing had happened. The customer journey must be redesigned so that marketing continues to capture contacts. He must adapt his content to the current questions of his interlocutors. He will thus prepare qualified prospects who are ready to discuss with the salesperson to move forward in their decision. Marketing and Commerce alignment will be more necessary to convince the prospect to validate his purchase.

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Latest Mailing Database

If you want to learn more, watch the replay of the TV show of the great Inbound Marketing Country List France debate! Frédéric Bonneton is a consultant, speaker and author. He is at the origin of the creation of different sales methods that he deploys with French and international companies. Inspired by 25 years of experience and by the evolution of neuroscience, he wrote Emotional Negotiation which is his second book. Thibaut du Cleuziou , Managing Director of Weezifi – Vice-President of Business Leaders of France Grand Paris.Thibaut du Cleuziou is the founder of Weesifi, a consulting company in business development through digital leverage and Vice-President of the Association of Business Leaders of France in Paris.

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