Here are 5 Differences in Marketing and Sales Concepts Based on Their Functions

Even though they are different, there are still many people who think marketing and sales are the same. Sales and marketing divisions often experience misconceptions and are often considered the same, both in terms of functions and work assignments. Not only that, when viewed in terms of the concept, of course, marketing and sales are very different. In a company, marketing and sales are part of the company’s strategy to achieve targets. But the concept is very different even though there are still people who think the concept is the same. Before explaining the concept, let’s explain more about what is sales and what is marketing.

Marketing is a strategy implementation activity carried out by the system. While sales are part of a company whose activities are selling, ensuring visible and invisible products so that they can be accepted by consumers.

Guide to Implementing a Sales Funnel for Business

With this brief explanation , of course it can be understood that the two are indeed different. It will also make it easier to get into the next point, which is about the concept between marketing and sales. Why is concept so important? Because it can also be said to be one of the tricks in marketing a product.

In the world of marketing, of course, we have to understand many concepts. Just like the concept of selling or being able to sell goods. Those Latvia Phone Number List of you who work as sales and marketing must also understand the concepts that will be implemented.

A marketing profession must know that they should not use the sales concept and vice versa. Both marketing and must have a concept. Concept is an abstract and general representation of something that aims to explain an object, idea, or event.

Definition and Stages of the Sales Funnel

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Marketing must be able to establish good cooperation with customers, this can also indirectly form long-term cooperation. You must already know that a marketer must be able to establish good communication so that he can always offer new products to his customers.

However, this is different from the concept of sales. A sales person is more responsible for the product produced. Broadly speaking, sales are be Country List aresponsible for the products sold. They are also the ones who are always “twisting their brains” about how to make all products sell well. From here it is definitely clear about the difference.

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