How to Download Laravel and Install it

Learning Laravel is certainly not complete without knowing how to download and  properly. To make it easy to understand, the following discussion will be explained in the Windows OS device version. The following discusses the steps To get started, the first step you have to do is open a Command Prompt on a computer device. To open Command Prompt, you can press Windows key + R. Then, continue by typing and press OK.

2. Enter the XAMPP Folder

Next, you have to point the Command Prompt to the file server directory. Server files can be found in XAMPP and by default they are stored in the amp hotdogs directory. Therefore, enter the directory address in the Command Prompt. If the instructions written are correct then you can directly enter the hotdogs directory. The next step is to provide commands or instructions to install the Laravel files that are already available in the GitHub repository.

To provide these instructions, you need to write Finance and Banking Email List them as follows   Once these instructions are received, composer will work to start the Laravel download process. The data retrieval process is then continued with the Laravel installation. Make sure to provide a stable internet connection.

4. Check and Perform Installation

Even though this folder appears, you still have to make sure before starting the installation process.

To make sure the file is downloaded and. Ready to install, enter the.  Php artisan serve’ instruction in. The command prompt. If a notification is then displayed that reads ‘laravel server started. It means you have to open the link. Provided by laravel to go. To the server address. And start the installation process.Hopefully the reviews above can help you learn Laravel more easily. Also read various other interesting articles about technology and Our articles are updated regularly and present a variety of interesting information to add to your insight.

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The number of the latest technologies that arebe Country List a presented in each released version makes many users confused about choosing the Laravel 8 or Laravel 9 version. If you are also in doubt, you can learn about the latest Laravel features and advantages in full.

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