How to Use Google Trends for Beginners

From the explanation above, you already know a number of things that must be considered when doing keyword research. So, in order to maximize keyword research , you can use the various free keyword tools available. The following is a free keyword tool recommendation for maximum keyword research.

Google Planner – Free Keyword Research

The first free keyword tool that you can use to do research is Google Planner. As a keyword planner , this Google SEO tool works to find keywords that are right on target. Just like SEO tools in general, Google Planner also displays information on search volume , SEO difficulty , and also cost per click .

Actually, this keyword planner was created by Google to help its users maximize the Google Ads they install. Google Planner works by providing information related to keywords that are relevant to business advertisements that users will post. So, this keyword feature is what you can use for content on websites and blogs.


One way to get the most out of implementing SEO in your content is to also use derived keywords and long-tail keywords. So, to research these two types of keywords , you can use the tool for free. The method is quite easy, just enter the selected keywords in the search field and press the enter key.

After that, will display Hospitals Email List a number of keyword results that are relevant to your keywords. However, if you want to use other features such as search volume and SEO difficulty , you can subscribe to pro services. Apart from Google, this free keyword tool can also do research for YouTube, Play Store, Twitter, Amazon, and others.


Ubersuggest – Free Keyword Research

One of the free keyword tools that allows you to get various information in one research is Ubersuggest. Just like keyword tools in general, Ubersuggest also displays information such as search volume , SEO difficulty , and others for the past month.

However, the difference is that Ubersuggest also displays other information such as keyword ideas that can be used and other content relevant to keywords. There are three main features that you can use for free for keyword research , namely keyword analyzer, competitive analysis, and SEO explorer .

Industry Email List

As we know, the audience doesn’t only come from Google, right? Therefore, it is also important for you to know keyword recommendations be Country List a from other platforms. To facilitate this research, you can use the Soovle keyword tool for free. What’s interesting about Soovle is the keyword research feature from multiple platforms simultaneously.


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