Human Need Services

Currently, you can get almost all your daily needs from home. Starting from shopping for clothes to basic needs such as groceries. Well, you can take advantage of this situation as a business opportunity.

You can run a business such as a personal shopper for household needs or food needs such as vegetables and meat. You don’t even need to spend capital to run this service business. Only with your cellphone and vehicle, you can start this business yourself.

Online Tutor Business with Small Capital

The education business is indeed a promising business. This is because education is one of the things that is important for many people to have. For those who want to share knowledge, you can start a business as an online tutor . Currently, education is not only obtained from school or college.

There are tons of online courses available to improve your skills for work or business. Because this business is done online , you can run it from home without having to travel. In fact, you can reach even more participants outside of your area of ​​residence.

The last small capital business idea that you Security and Commodity Brokers Email List can run is to open an online store . In this online store you can sell any product that is currently needed in the market. You can open this online store on any platform, both on social media and on the website . Now, for the product itself, you can adjust it to the capital you have.

In fact, not a few people have opened an online shop with only Rap. 300 thousand. Because this is run online , you don’t need to spend a lot of capital to rent a shop. Simply run an online store from home as your main business or side business.


The millennial generation is a creative, innovative, committed and courageous generation with new challenges. There are lots of businesses that fit the characteristics of the millennial generation, even with small capital. The most important thing is that you have the interest, knowledge, and ability to run the business.

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