Ideas for Selling Contemporary & Traditional Fasting Month Drinks

What is the selling month of fasting? For those of you who want a small business in the fasting month with small capital but guaranteed profits, let’s take a look at the list of ideas for selling fasting month drinks that we have summarized below. When entering the fasting month, selling takjil can be the best choice to increase income. Apart from not being so complicated, selling takjil only requires a small amount of capital. Also, there are many selling places that you can use, such as Ramadan market stands or roadside. After listening to the idea of ​​selling takjil for the 2023 fasting month , let’s find out what ideas for selling drinks for the 2023 fasting month can be profitable. Curious right? Immediately we discuss.

Capital Fasting Month Drinks

Who refuses fresh iced syrup mixed with milk filled with fresh fruits such as watermelon, melon, grass jelly and basil? Especially during the fasting month with hot and sultry weather. Fruit ice will be the best choice to quench thirst when breaking the fast. Besides being guaranteed to sell well, the ingredients for making fruit ice are easily available. Selling fruit Advertising Agency Mailing List ice also does not require a lot of capital. You only need capital to buy ice, milk, syrup, fruits and their packaging. To increase your profit, you can also sell fruit soup with a slightly different filling composition. For example, by adding the type of fruit and toppings.

 Young Coconut Ice

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If there are many sellers of young coconut ice, you can sell a similar menu that is slightly different, namely kopyor coconut ice. Even though it is a bit expensive, this type of ice is in great demand, you know. The taste is unique, refreshing and certainly healthy will be the main attraction in itself. It’s just that, you need more effort to find kopyor coconut suppliers and of course a slightly larger capital. But, if you succeed in applying the selling trick, it is guaranteed to make big profits by selling this drink. 4. Various Fruit Juices The idea for selling drinks Country List for the next Ramadan takjil is various fruit juices. No doubt, fruit juice still has a lot of devotees. This drink is always the best choice for breaking the fast because it tastes fresh and healthy. You can provide many choices of fruit juice for buyers. Some fruits that are often used as juice include avocados, strawberries, melons, mangoes, guavas, and dragon fruit. How to sell this drink is also very easy. You only need to prepare a blender, fruit, water, sugar, ice cubes and milk.

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