Learn how to improve your customers’ shopping experience

Thanks to changes in the way of consumption, the shopping experience has become an increasingly important factor for companies. And with the social isolation we had in 2020, the changes were even more sudden. Both in retail and in the profile and behavior of customers, consumption habits, online behavior and the perception of relationships and values ​​are some of the characteristics that were greatly impacted in this period. As a result, shopping has become a true experience for users , who seek, in addition to value and quality in a product/service, the experience that the brand offers must be complete: from the first contact with the consumer, attraction , purchase and even , post purchase . How have you provided this to your customers? It is essential to be aware of all possibilities, actions and strategies to ensure a complete, personalized and satisfying journey for consumers.

So we’ve listed some important items

For you to consider in your planning. See what they are. The importance of providing a good shopping experience Did you know that 70% of consumers who have a bad experience with a brand do not buy again? This is what comes from a survey released by Valor Investe that reflects exactly the Austria Business Email List needs we are talking about: shopping experience, personalization , targeted strategies, consumer behavior and, above all, the impact of the shopping experience on conversion metrics and customer loyalty. In the image, a black woman uses her smartphone to exchange messages on social networks. Conquering the loyalty of your customers helps your brand a lot! By the way, it is worth remembering that acquiring a new customer is always more expensive than keeping an existing one.

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What have you been doing to loyalize yours?

Based on what we’ve talked about so far, the big question is: what makes up a consumer’s shopping experience and how can we improve it? We consider that there are 5 basic elements that, when optimized, contribute positively to this process. Check with us what they are! right communication It may Country List seem basic, but many companies get lost when it comes to structuring communication and end up focusing only on conversion. Therefore, it is essential that you have a structured planning that considers this pillar in all its aspects. Language, tone of voice, visual communication and photographic moodboard are some of the elements that help in the process of attracting, convincing and converting leads. Service The shopping experience is fundamental, but it does not exist without a good service/product.

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