Know Its Traits and How to Avoid It

Ease of access to the internet also brings negative impacts such as cyber crime. Now cyber crimes are increasing and endangering anyone who uses the internet. Scam is one of the cyber crimes that has threatened many internet users. This form of crime scam uses various methods with the aim of getting benefits from the victim. One of them that is quite common is fraud and theft of money. In order to avoid scam cyber crime, you must follow the reviews about the scam below. Come on, don’t miss it.

What Does Scam Mean?

A scam is an attempt to defraud the victim with the aim of profiting from it. Scam crimes are not only committed by individuals, but can also be carried out by groups and even companies involved in fraud networks. These cybercriminals are known Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturers Email List as scammers. Scammers generally aim for profit in the form of money or information from their victims. The money being targeted is usually in the form of balances in savings in bank accounts or digital wallets. Meanwhile, the information scammers are looking for is personal information that can be used to their advantage. Examples include personal information in the form of addresses, full names, NIK, account passwords, credit card numbers, to ATM PINs. The mode practiced in scams is posing as a trusted party to get valuable information or some money.

Donation Scam

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As the name suggests, this is a type of scam under the guise of soliciting donations. Scammers who commit this kind of fraud take advantage of the sympathy and compassion of the victims. The attention they get from the victim’s sympathy is used to encourage them to donate. Then, this donation money is misused for personal gain from scammers. 3. Phishing This type of scam has claimed quite a number of victims. Phishing is a fraud with a mode of baiting be Country List a victims to voluntarily provide their data. The practice of phishing crimes is carried out by disguising themselves as a large institution or entity. For example, recently there have been many phishing scams that invite victims to update their mobile banking applications.

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