Little known facts about the life of the great master

His firm hand with chisel and brush soon became the envy of all his classmates. One young rival named Pietro Torriano got so mad at Michelangelo’s superior talent – and perhaps also his sharp tongue – that he punched him in the nose, leaving him forever crooked. “I gave him such a blow on the nose that I felt the bones and cartilage sink like a biscuit,” Torriano later boasted, “and he will take this mark of mine with him to the grave.” First fame Early in his career, Michelangelo carved a now-lost statue of Cupid in the style of the ancient Greeks. Seeing the work, its patron Lorenzo di Pier Francesco de’ Medici suggested a cunning deception. “Prepare it so that it looks dug out,” said the Medici, “I will send it to Rome, and it will pass for antiques, and we will sell it for a much better price.

Has Done Work for Nine Different Catholic Popes

The young sculptor would linger in the Eternal City for the next few years, eventually winning a commission to carve the Pieta.  After years Whatsapp Number List of weathering, the marble had deteriorated and become rough, and when Michelangelo began working on it in 1501, it already had chisel marks from other sculptors.

Inserted His Own Likeness Into Some of His Most Famous Works

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Michelangelo ended up turning the discarded block into one of his most striking works, but a recent analysis of The David has shown that the poor quality of the stone is taking its toll and deteriorating faster than most other statues. Has done work for nine different Catholic popes Beginning in 1505, Michelangelo worked for nine successive Country List Catholic pontiffs from Julius II to Pius IV. His work for the Vatican was extensive and included everything from making decorative papal bed handles to four grueling years of painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Van Gogh: biography of a representative of expressive painting Van Gogh: biography of a representative of expressive painting Michelangelo’s relationship with his patron saints was not always pleasant.

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