Manage websites more easily

The second advantage of cloud hosting for businesses is that it is easy to manage. There are various options for setting up and managing websites where the options given are at first glance similar to what shared hosting services offer. This makes website owners who want to upgrade to cloud hosting not have to worry about managing their website

that can manage all technical matters on your website. In addition, there is also a WordPress management feature that can be used to configure auto updates and preview the web before the website goes online to netizens.

Not only that, but cloud services are also compatible with web packages and Laravel. With these two software, you can develop web-based applications with PHP

Very safe from malware and hackers

For issues regarding security, cloud hosting is no longer in doubt. This hosting service is ready to overcome various security holes that exist on the website. Because cloud services are equipped with various security features that can prevent malware and hackers.

Currently there are five security features directly available in IDwebhost cloud hosting. First Cloud Linux OS. This feature can protect you Canadian Biotechnology Email List from leakage of personal data. Apart from that, Cloud Linux OS also regularly updates PHP to protect the web from unwanted security holes.

Then, there is malware and DDoS ( Distributed Denial of Service ) protection. This malware protection is provided by conducting periodic scans so that you can ensure that there is no malware on the website. As for DDoS protection, protecting the website from hacker attacks.

 Have a Help Service

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Another advantage of cloud hosting is having a support service. For those of you who are upgrading to cloud hosting, you don’t have to worry about web configuration. Because usually the support will help you to migrate the website so you don’t have to start everything from scratch.

Apart from helping you with be Country List a website migration, you will also get help from customer service 24/7. So various kinds and all obstacles related to web hosting and the website that you have can be resolved quickly.

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