Meet GA4 The Next Generation of Google Analytics

Have you heard about the update to GA4? In 2020, Google released Google Analytics 4 to replace Universal Analytics, the one we already know. Although both platforms are available, you have to adapt to the new version. This is because in 2023 Universal Analytics will go offline, allowing only the use of GA4. Properties that have Universal Analytics 360 can receive a one-time processing extension, valid until July 1, 2024. But after all, what’s the difference? Why the migration? How to suit? What is GA4? GA4 is the abbreviation of Google Analytics 4, the new version of Universal Analytics, which is Google’s tool that allows the analysis of website data. Companies and agencies around the world use Google Analytics to track data on their websites, such as the number of hits, traffic sources, pages visited and conversions, and understanding reports.

The tool’s goal has always been to be an

Online measurement resource and it hasn’t registered an update like this for years. But, in recent times, the company released not only an update, but also a new version: the GA4. In this new version, Analytics (GA4) invests more in technology, future projections and, mainly, experience . Understand Bangladesh Business Email List the main differences between versions. What is the difference between UA and GA4? Universal Analytics is the dashboard we are used to: quick view, defined metrics, real-time measurement and centered on the data model, based on sessions. Through it, it is possible to track user behavior from internal and external sources, create custom metrics, as well as provide a unique ID for each user and provide tracking codes. In GA4, data is based on events and differentials by parameters, which helps in mapping each one and extracting insights.

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The new version also brings other important

News, such as: cross-device reporting, improving cross-channel integration; audience and predictive metrics; integrations with media platforms; privacy controls: cookie-free measurement, behavioral modeling, and even conversion estimates. Basically, GA4 and Universal Analytics have different Country List architectural models , each with its own value – although it is recommended to adapt to GA4 as soon as possible. Two hands typing on a notebook on top of a work table. On the screen, there are several analytical graphs. GA4 will bring significant changes to the way Analytics sees our data. Why migrate to GA4? We commented that it is necessary to adapt to the new version as soon as possible, and this is because from July 1, 2023, access to the UA will be withdrawn . Google Analytics 360 (paid version) users will also need to switch, but will have the deadline extended: July 1, 2024.

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