Shipping Costs per KM and How to Order 2023

Have you used Maxim Cargo service? The problem is, the Maxim Cargo tariff is quite affordable for sending large-laden goods between regions. Moreover, the Maxim Cargo service is now available in various cities in Indonesia. Call it like Padang, Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Aceh, and many more. For those of you who are business owners of mother

How to Check Maxim Delivery Rates per KM Within and Intercity 2023

Maxim Delivery rates for cars and trucks are of course different. However, both have the same advantage, namely that they are equally affordable for consumers.  It’s the same with the Maxim Cargo tariff. Do you want to use the Maxim Delivery service? Let’s find out in advance how much the trip costs per KM and

How to Check Shipping Fees

For those of you who want to send packages short distances quickly and don’t need to be complicated, maybe you can consider Grab Express. But, of course you need to calculate the Grab Express fare too! That way, you can compare the services provided by Ojek vs. Grab . Because as you might already know,

Equipment for Worship

The month of Ramadan and Hari Raya is synonymous with worship. This time is the right moment to share worship paraphernalia. That’s why, not a few choose religious paraphernalia as hampers instead of food. Well, you can create hampers filled with religious paraphernalia. For example, Mokena, prayer mats, sarongs, and so on. With white themed

13 Unique Eid Hampers Ideas Suitable for Business 2023

Even though Hari Raya 2022 is in sight, it’s not too late to start a small business to add THR for Eid later. Apart from the idea of ​​selling takjil and fasting month drinks , you can try unique Eid hamper ideas that are suitable for profitable small capital businesses. Even though it’s only a

Ideas for Selling Contemporary & Traditional Fasting Month Drinks

What is the selling month of fasting? For those of you who want a small business in the fasting month with small capital but guaranteed profits, let’s take a look at the list of ideas for selling fasting month drinks that we have summarized below. When entering the fasting month, selling takjil can be the

Cheap Ramadan Flash Sale Shopping

Confused because you don’t have fun activities in the fasting month? Or do you need references to useful activities before breaking the fast? Instead of being confused, let’s take a look at Shopee-style ngabuburit tips that you can try at home. Apart from iftar and tarawih, ngabuburit or the activity of waiting for iftar is

Vip Email List

In today’s world, mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. With the rise of smartphones, mobile number marketing has gained significant popularity in recent years. One of the latest trends in this field is list marketing. numbers are the ones that have unique and catchy combinations, such as repeated digits or sequential

NFT – Non-Fungible Token

It has long been a part of human life and every day its popularity is growing. And in NFT tokens, “non-fungibility” plays the main role. If you look around and carefully look at the things that surround us, then most of them have the same property. Everything about cryptocurrency from “A” to “Z”: cryptocurrency, mining,

Richard Branson biography of the founder of Virgin

Branson considers the ability and desire to communicate with people the secret of his success. These abilities manifested themselves quite early: at the age of sixteen, due to learning problems – Richard suffered from dyslexia – he left school in his native Blackhead and started publishing his own Student magazine. Fortunately, the Branson family did