How much does it cost to set up a dental clinic in Spain

According to statistics, in 2021 there were 22,4218 dental clinics in Spain, with a ratio of approximately 1 dentist for every 1,600 inhabitants. High figures that give an idea that we are facing a business with growing demand. For this reason, more and more dentists decide to open their own clinic instead of working in

How much does a dentist earn in Spain in 2022

Whether you are a dentist, aspire to be one or are simply curious, you have surely ever wondered how much a dentist charges in Spain. It is clear that each professional establishes their own rates, but in this post you will discover at what levels their income moves. Dentist is one of the most valued

What is an organizational chart in a dental center

The organizational chart of a dental clinic allows us to establish different functions for each professional, depending on their capabilities. The hierarchy in a dental center identifies the responsibilities of each person, and allows us to offer adequate patient care service. Next, we analyze the organizational chart of a dental clinic, with the basic functions

How to put on braces step by step

When we analyze how the braces are put on, we must take into account both the previous steps and other subsequent functions that allow us to adjust the bracket to the teeth. Nowadays it is possible to have an aesthetic smile through personalized orthodontic treatments, which align the teeth correctly and permanently. To achieve this,

What types of orthodontics exist

There are different types of orthodontics and techniques that orthodontists use to correct the placement and alignment of teeth to ensure better aesthetics and oral health. Such are the various options that in many cases one does not know what type of orthodontics will suit their oral needs. There are different factors that influence the

ICT in the health sector and its impact on the health system

There is a growing consensus that the impact of information and communication technologies on health systems could be substantial or even revolutionary. There are already many studies that have been carried out on ICT in the health sector, although its benefits are not always well known by public opinion. Like any other industry, the healthcare

Types of patients in Medicine that you will see in a consultation

There are many types of patients who can undergo a medical consultation. We wanted to review the main types of patients in medicine. Do you want to meet them? Well, keep reading. Types of patients in Medicine Nice patients Pleasant patients are generally very easy to care for. Luckily, most patients fall into this category.

Types of medical prescriptions in Social Security

We have all found ourselves at some point in the ne to purchase a medication that required a medical prescription. More and more products fall into the category if they are not order by a health professional. That is why it is important to know the different. Types of medical prescriptions in Social Security and

Requirements to open a psychological consultation in Spain

One of the most common job opportunities for psychology graduates is to practice on their own by opening a private practice. However, many professionals are unaware of the requirements to open a psychological consultation in our country. In this post we inform you about the necessary procedures to start your query. Requirements to open a

What budget do you need to open a beauty center

The budget to open a beauty center is highly variable, depending on the services, equipment and other variables that we analyze below. Aesthetic clinics have proliferated in recent years, due to the fact that more and more people are resorting to this type of treatments related to beauty and health. However, it is important to

The health activity of sports medicine

In recent decades, sports medicine has develop exponentially, offering treatments bas on the particularities of each sport. As we noted previously, sports medicine focuses on the recovery and prevention of injuries that occur as a result of playing sports, therefore, it is important that the general principles of sports medicine are adapted to each practice.