Email and site the perfect digital tools for your business in 2021

Not just social media. Why must website and email marketing be present. In your online strategy also in 2021 has begun. It’s time for good intentions. New beginnings and trying something different. Your business also needs to project itself towards an increasingly numerous audience. Perhaps towards new challenges and even towards an increase in turnover

Weave multiple opportunities to join your mailing

Many brands make the mistake of adding a “Newsletter” link to the footer of their website and doing nothing else. But blogs host a huge amount of content. So a link at the bottom of the site will be overlook. Instead. Weave multiple opportunities to join your mailing list throughout the blog design. And the

Personalize your calls to action finally

Their recipes and opinions are trust. And readers interest in food want their best recipes. It’s important that your offer is as relevant as possible to your audience and the content you create to convert them into subscribers. Do you ne inspiration? Campaign monitor creat this infographic to help you attract new prospects and increase