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The nine most important areas you should include in your personal data protection policy Michal Sztaberek April 5, 2023 CATEGORIES Data protection Guides Procdures&Audits GDPR It seems that the personal data protection policy (hereinafter referrd to as PODO) is the basic document describing the rules applicable in the organization in the subject we are interestd

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We recommend Will gamification in recruitment tell you the truth? (as oppose to CV) Competing strategies – which one to choose? Porter’s competitive strategies differ. For example, cost leadership is a strategy that is difficult for small businesses to implement because it requires a long-term commitment to selling products and services at a low price.

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Engagement Italian ecommerce users show their commitment to marketing content in different ways. . declare that they search for information about a given brand on the web before placing an order. A little less, . , visit the website of a given brand in the last month. Clicking on a banner ad within the last

Marketing strategy and its translation into business

To achieve this, a number of techniques should be us, such as content optimization, HTML code optimization, internal and external linking, high-quality content creation, image optimization and many others. All these techniques will help in increasing the visibility of the website in the search results, which in turn will contribute to the increase of traffic

Richard Branson biography of the founder of Virgin

Branson considers the ability and desire to communicate with people the secret of his success. These abilities manifested themselves quite early: at the age of sixteen, due to learning problems – Richard suffered from dyslexia – he left school in his native Blackhead and started publishing his own Student magazine. Fortunately, the Branson family did