The place of remote work and its type

The problem, however, is that so many officers are not under executive direction. As a consequence, executive management is not informd about the GDPR compliance work for which it is responsible. a senior manager, Formal structures should be establishd to ensure engagement and exchange of information/reports between the dPS and top management, Awareness of the

We recommend abandoning general

GDPR should be implementd in relation to persons from whom personal data was obtaind directly. It should be rememberd that when we collect personal data to verify the contractor (directly from him), information about it should be providd to him and there are no doubts about it. However, the problem arises in connection with the

Creating product descriptions that sell

Is a product description ne? According to data from Google (access on May , ), as many as of buyers, when making decisions regarding a brand or seller, rely on the information contain on the website and on photos. In turn, according to the Salsify report “Cracking the Consumer Code”, of users return products they

Meta description and impact on SEO

How NOT to write a meta description? You already know how to create meta descriptions. Now find out what mistakes to avoid. Duplication of meta tags . For both title and description. The meta description should be closely relat to the page it refers to. Description inconsistent with the content of the site. In such

Why so expensive or how much

Then specialists from Funkymia Świdnica will audit the website to determine its current state and choose the best positioning strategies. BAfter the audit, specialists from Funkymia Świdnica will prepare a detail action plan. Which will include optimizing the website, creating content and backlinks, as well as monitoring the results. After the implementation of the plan.

How to prevent marketing budgets from being overblown

WHAT ARE THE MOST EFFECTIVE WEBSITE POSITIONING TECHNIQUES IN ŚWIDNIK? content structure optimization, image structure optimization, internal link structure optimization, backlink structure optimization, high-quality content structure optimization and URL structure optimization. These SEO techniques are effective in Świdnik and can help increase your website’s visibility in search results. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING WEBSITE