The Importance of IPR for Cosmetic Brands

Although it sounds troublesome and you can actually create a cosmetic brand without having to register IPR, this legal protection can actually provide great benefits for your business. Starting from protecting the image of the company/business, simplifying the process of selling cosmetics, and providing added value to your cosmetic brand, so that it can reach

Understanding IPR and Its Relationship to Cosmetic Brands

Intellectual Property Rights are rights that arise from the results of human thought or creation. Which will then be manifested in a product or process that is utilized for the benefit of humanity. Simply put, IPR can be defined as the right to enjoy certain intellectual results or creativity, economically. In the business world, IPR

Stay Calm and Consistently Promote Your Cosmetic Business

Stay Calm and Consistently Promote Your Cosmetic Business with so many small and medium businesses affected and eventually closed temporarily, it is undeniable that this situation can make anyone panic. However, as a good businessman, you should not panic, okay? The most important thing to do is to remain consistent in maintaining the business, both

Make Sure Your Cosmetics Business Can Be Found Online

Make Sure Your Cosmetics Business Can Be Found Online well, one more thing, if you have used social media as a sales strategy for cosmetic products during the pandemic. Then of course you have to make sure your cosmetic business can be found online, easily and without any hassle. Due to the recommendation to spend

ASEAN prepares to formulate a response

 This leaves only 1 person left to work and cannot yet select a new one. This is because members are calling for WTO reform. Before preparing to make an appointment to break the deadlock at the Xiom meeting. Setting the ASEAN attitude to relieve the crisis. ASEAN prepares Mrs. Oramon Sapthaweetham Director-General of the Department