The intentionality of dark  There are many types of dark patterns. Some are very specific and clearly have a strategy behind them, such as Stirring patterns , since consciously chosen words or phrases are intentionally used. But there are also others that may be used unintentionally. For example, if we use a text color very similar to the color of the background of the page, making the text not visible at all. This can happen unconsciously. Therefore, it is important to reflect on how we provide information on data protection on our website and, above all, put yourself in the user’s shoes.

Is the information clear

Will any type of user understand it? Do we show all the legally required information?Who has control of personal data? It may appear that control of personal data has been lost. What’s more, it seems that, by constantly using the Internet, on your mobile Costa Rica Phone Number List phone and computer, through apps and social networks, your personal data has escaped your control and anyone can now use and access it. But I can tell you that in Europe it is not like that. Precisely, the European Data Protection Regulation (also called GDPR) grants people more rights over the processing of their personal data than they had before its approval in 2016.

The GDPR has give us control of personal data Already

In the first “recital” of the GDPR, the protection of individuals in relation. To the processing of their personal data is as a fundamental right . It is a fundamental right, but not an absolute right. It must always in relation to its role in society and in balance. With other fundamental rights, in accordance with the Country List principle of proportionality. Starting from its article 15, the RGPD recognizes up to eight rights for each person regarding their data and their processing. Furthermore, it imposes on companies the obligation to facilitate the exercise of these rights to the users whose personal data they process. User rights regarding the processing of their personal data. These eight rights are the following. Right of access : Right of the party to obtain information about. Whether their personal data is being and the purpose thereof.

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