The marketing concept is to direct the product

Here the difference is very clear. In rough terms, marketing is more careful in offering products while sales are more to the point . A marketing priority is to be able to establish good relationships with customers so they can become loyal customers.

This is different from sales which are more looking for targets to buy goods without having to have long pleasantries. besides that, sales must also be good at explaining the advantages of the product so that customers are interested in buying it. Therefore, a salesperson must also understand very well about the product being sold so that he can answer correctly if a customer asks a question.

A marketing should be more focused on consumer needs. If you want to be a marketing person, then you have to be able to approach customers by asking what they really need. This is a skill that must be owned by a marketing. They must be accustomed to selling products using soft selling techniques so that they are not too visible when they are selling.

The marketing concept must include various strategies

Unlike a salesperson, they only think about how to make the product sell well. A good salesperson must have a unique trick so that the product sells quickly. Either way, they must be able to sell products according to the targets that have been implemented. Most sales usually have their own tricks in marketing so that regardless of the target, it will be very easy to sell.

If you look at it here, the concept of marketing is more complicated than sales. Sales must maximize promotions and how to influence customers Lebanon Phone Number List to buy products. As for marketing, you have to think about how the marketing strategy is unique and different from the others. In addition, marketing must be good at playing with prices so as not to lose when selling.

 The marketing concept is responsible for product prices that have been 

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The price quoted on the actual product is the responsibility of sales. They will be in direct contact with the production team. Nevertheless, marketing must also contribute to providing price offers that are adjusted to market commodities.

Even though they have different concepts, sales and marketing must work together in selling products. The point is indeed to sell products, it’s just that the method is different, but the goal remains the same. That’s how marketing and sales carry out their concept. Lots of differences, right? By looking at it from a conceptual perspective, you can already tell the difference between marketing and sales.

Maybe in ancient times it was still difficult to distinguish the concept of sales and marketing due to the lack of digital marketing methods. Since be Country List athe era is now advancing and many people are more literate about technology, the concept of marketing and sales must also be different so that it is faster to determine the targets of a company.

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