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Are you looking for a Linux OS distribution ? Good news if you’re looking now, CentOS OS can be a choice of Linux distribution operating systems that are quite interesting. The CentOS system even has a community and is available as open source , aka free. In terms of popularity, CentOS is also quite superior compared to other Linux distributions. I wonder what makes this operating system more popular? Before deciding to use the CentOS operating system, let’s find out more about its features and advantages. Make sure to follow this review to the end, okay.

What is CentOS?

operating system that can be used in an open source manner . This operating system is the result of the development of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code and built on the Linux kernel. In fact, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or RHEL is a paid platform. But, why is CentOS actually free? According to statistical data from W3Techs , CentOS is used by 8.9% of all Motor Freight Transportation Email List website users with the Linux operating system. With this percentage, CentOS ranks third after Ubuntu and Debian. CentOS is supported by its default security system called SELinux or Security-Enhanced Linux. It is a system governing access control mechanism that can be applied to various processes, for example to manage files.

History of CentOS

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CentOS Project collaborated with Gregory Kruzer to develop a project called CAOS Linux.  The first release of CentOS was published on May 14, 2004 with the adoption of RHEL version 2.1.AS. Since then, CentOS has continued to be developed and released its newest versions consistently. Its first release was followed by CentOS 3 in 2004, then CentOS 4 in 2007, CentOS 5 in 2007, and CentOS 6 in 2011. Finally in January 2014, Red Hat directly announced its support for CentOS and sponsored its development. Unfortunately, this support was discontinued be Country List a and stopped in 2020. This termination of support resulted in a halt in the development of CentOS 8 and CentOS 7. As an operating system that is safe, stable, and provides many control panel options, CentOS can be used by various agencies or businesses. Starting from small scale to large scale with sophisticated IT support.

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