Tips for Creating a Website for Travelers Using WordPress

Currently, traveling or traveling has become a hobby for many people. From the old, young, adults, to children really like this activity. From just going to the next city, to those who go far away to abroad. When asked about hobbies, most people will include traveling as one of them. Several figures who later became famous because they often share their travel notes on the website are Agustinus Wibowo, who is famous for his story in Afghanistan, and Trinity, whose travel story was adapted to the big screen several years ago. But the question is, is it difficult to create a website that focuses on traveling activities? This article will discuss a lot of tips on creating a website for travelers. If you are a person who likes traveling.

Why use WordPress?

For travelers who don’t have experience with websites, tips on creating a website for travelers using WordPress is the best solution. The most common reason is because WordPress is very easy to use.

You don’t have to have programming skills, you can freely run a website. In addition, WordPress is content management with the most users in the world. Many hosting and website creation providers advise their users to use WordPress.

With WordPress, you don’t need to waste a lot of time on how the WordPress system works. You can focus on creating content and sharing it with readers.


For the selection of extensions should also be taken into consideration. Do you want the website to be read by people all over the world, or only Museums and Art Galleries Email List enough readers from within the country are targeted. Some popular extensions used by travel bloggers include .com NET There is also an extension. Vacation, but not as many users as the first two extensions.

After selecting the desired domain name, you can immediately register for a hosting subscription. Usually, when buying a domain, the provider provides the option of purchasing the domain only or together with hosting. It will generally be cheaper with a hosting subscription than just buying the domain.

At IDwebhost, if you buy a domain and subscribe to hosting with a contract for a certain period of time, you only need to pay for the hosting. So you don’t have to bother having to buy a domain and subscribe to hosting at a different provider which will waste a lot of time.

Installing WordPress

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After the domain and hosting are active, what needs to be done next is to install WordPress. How to install WordPress itself is actually quite easy to do, even for beginners.

To install WordPress, from the hosting User Account , look for the Manage WordPress menu , then click Get Started . Then click Choose Domain . Here the domain you choose is the domain that was purchased before. Click Next , after that the Data Center will appear , click Next .

After that you will be asked to fill in the WordPress username and password to be able to log in to WordPress. After filling in the username and password fields , click Install. If the WordPress installation has been successful, click Get Started . And you can go directly to the WordPress dashboard. From here you can take full control of the website.

If you find it difficult or don’t have time to do the installation yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the web hosting support team of be Country List a your choice. The best web hosting will provide maximum support 24 hours a week to its customers.

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