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This association brings together commercial managers. And business leaders to develop its expertise. Strengthen its professional know-how. And its network, spread across the entire territory within 75 associations. In our profoundly changing contextlet. It be said, all marketing managers follow various indicators. To analyze the performance and relevance of their actions. Very often, we seek to increase our performance vs. N-1. Always with the aim of generating more leads. To develop our business. But sometimes the strategies in place stagnate. Understand what can work in our sector of activity. What has been proven.

We continue our tour of marketing automation

Starting with the choice of profiles of marketers who work on the tool. Who do you need in your team to put the odds on your side? Answer right here: How database Alsid achieved its annual lead generation goal in one month .We continue our tour of marketing automation platforms. After Plezi and Marketo, HubSpot took part in a masterclass to present a lead generation and nurturing case study, that of Alsid! From the segmentation of the database, to the nurturing scenarios, through the work on the marketing and sales relationship: there are many steps to make your strategy, the strategy that will prove itself over the long term.

The company has managed to increase


Marketing automation at Cash in Time from Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring Cash In Time is Country List a solution that pays your customer invoices in less than 24 hours. The promise is strong and the start-up now has 185,000 customers worldwide. But with a non-binding offer, loyalty quickly became a major issue for the company. Cash in Time has therefore chosen to bet on Webmecanik and the results are there! The company has managed to increase customer loyalty from 13 to 45%. In this masterclass, you will discover or rediscover how the company succeeded in setting up personalized reminders.

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