What is HRIS Human Resources Information System

Human resources are the biggest asset for the company. Business will run well if human resource management has been handld optimally.

Hr management within the company not only motivates and disciplines employees, but also develops and empowers employees. In fact, there are many things that nee to be manage, such as employee recruitment, health, attendance and leave, tax payments, and evaluation of employee performance.

This is what gave birth to hris ( human resources information system ). The main goal of hris is to make it easier for users to store employee data and access it easily whenever nee.

Before You Understand What Hris is You Must First Know Hrm Because

Hrm or human resource management is the practice of managing workforce within a company for excellence. This practice is part of the hr department, in order to achieve the company’s business targets.

The human resource information system or abbreviate as hris is an online-base information system or application for data entry Costa Rica Mobile Number List searching for employee personal data, payroll, tax payments, employee recruitment, attendance and leave and other matters directly relate to employees.

The use of hris is very helpful for you to manage employees. Because you can see, track all employee personal data such as personal data, work, salary information, expenses etc. The hrd department can also limit who can access this system, which information can be seen by employees and which management can access.

Hris is one of the modules in the erp system which can also be integrate with several other modules nee by the company. Just like erp systems, hris is available in several types of solutions, namely desktop software ( on-premise ), website- base software ( cloud ), as well as desktop and/or mobile applications .

The Application of Hris is Considere Important for the Company

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It can even be said to be the best solution for the company. There are many benefits provide by this hrd software, including the following.

1. Improve employee data security
The importance of a data because Country List it is personal can only be accesse by people who are intereste. The existence of this access restriction feature is very helpful to minimize data theft from irresponsible people.

2. Facilitate salary distribution
This hrm system makes payroll easier to process faster. Human error which is often the cause of salary calculation errors can be minimize, because the system only calculates according to working hours and employee attendance.

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