What’s even special,

website specifically made to curate website designs. More precisely, Theme forest is a marketplace that trades templates from around the world. The categories also vary. Like WordPress, Hosting, HTML, even Logo Maker is there.

you have to spend some money to buy it. The price also varies depending on the license issued by the designer. For you typography lovers, 8 Faces is perfect as a reference material. Especially if you want to create a website with an artistic character, there are lots of good references for you. From the simplest typography to the most complex typography designs, which only you can read. One of the most popular web design curation sites is Aww wards. Here the Aww wards team will curate web designs from those who submit them to Aww wards. With strict curation, the Aww wards team wants every design submitted to be a monumental work. You can get a lot of inspiration with a cool website design.

To get a website template on this site

Navigation is also very easy and, although it can seem confusing at first. Where can see the templates provided. To see the best designs, Chinese Australia Phone Number List you can watch them on the Awards page. There are more sub awards, such as Sites of the Day, Site of the Month, to Site of the Year.

Not only that, you can also find typical design inspiration from certain countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and others. Very unique.

The Best Design

Special Database

The last name on the list of the best websites for web design inspiration is The Best Design. The Best Design is a website that curates web design and its designers. This site is visited by many people who want to see the latest web design trends if you are curious about a web design, you can directly visit the designer’s website on the Web Designers page. That way, you can know each person has their own characteristics.

Not only providing a variety of cool be Country List a website design templates, The Best Design also provides a platform for designers to try their luck as a freelance web designer here. Do you feel you have good web design skills? Try to register at The Best Designer.

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