Right of deletion : Right of the affected person to. Delete his personal data that is inadequate or excessive. Right to object : Right of the affected person to oppose. The processing of their personal data or to stop such processing in certain cases. Right to portability : Right to order the Data Controller to transmit your personal data to another. Data Controller, in accordance with the particularities established in the Law. Right of limitation. Allows you to request the person responsible for processing personal data. To apply measures to prevent the modification, erasure or deletion of said data.

Right not to be subject to automated individual decisions

Including profiling right not to be subject to a decision based on automated processing that produces effects or significantly affects. Right to be forgotten: Right to request the deletion of personal data at any time. This somewhat special right can be exercised Namibia Phone Number List in any of the following cases: When the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected. If the interested party withdraws the consent that was the basis for the processing and this cannot be based on another legal basis (legal obligation). When the interested party objects to the treatment having the right to do so, and other legitimate reasons for the treatment do not prevail.

In the event that personal data has unlawfully

When personal data must be deleted for compliance with an obligation arising from. Union or Member State law applicable to the controller. If the personal data have in relation to the offer of information society services. In the case of direct offer to children. An example of the right to be forgotten To show with an example.  The Country List importance of the right to.  We are going to talk about the recent sanction imposed on Google. In this recent case, a man who committed a crime in 1981, but was pardoned in 1999, had been asking Google since 2010 to remove his digital footprint in reference to the crime and the pardon. That is, the digital trace of his personal information that appeared in Google’s indexes and caches in relation to the crime and the pardon was eliminated.

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