Widget Color Adjustment with Themes

Adjusting the color of the widget with the theme is important because it relates to the visual comfort of visitors. For example, your theme uses the dominant color blue, and the Facebook widget in the sidebar is the same color. To give a good visual impression, you must pay attention to the contrast between the widget and the theme color.

Test Loading Time After changing the theme, you should not only try all the features and plugins, but also check the loading time. You can compare the loading time of the old theme with the new one. If you feel that the new theme has a slow loading time, you can find a solution to increase the speed.

10. Monitor Bounce Rate

After changing the WordPress theme, be sure to check the bounce rate. The possibility of a bounce rate after switching is high because not all themes can be friendly to your website visitors right away. If the bounce rate is high, you can overcome this Automobile Repair Email List by adding several widgets, such as related articles, most popular articles, to fanpage buttons on social media. Announce to Visitors and ask for feedback After switching and turning off maintenance mode, immediately make a post containing the point that you have just changed the website theme. Notify the reader that there may still be bugs that may be encountered.

You can also ask for input and , about what should be improved as a consequence of changing the theme.

for example, as the best hosting provider in Indonesia, always informs its users when something happens to their website. not only through the website, but also through social media notifications.

Conclusion Feedback From Visitors

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WordPress is a highly customizable CMS. There are hundreds of theme plugins that you can try to implement on your website. Even though it’s easy, you have to pay attention to a number of things related to changing themes.

It would be nice before switching, you consult the hosting provider you are using. Era when many hosting providers, from those who be Country List a claim the best hosting to have a support team that will help you. Those are the tips on changing the WordPress theme, I hope this is useful.

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