Wood Packing Fees for Sending Laptops and Fragile Goods

J&T is an expedition that provides wood packing services, both for regular shipments and for shipments of large sizes or quantities. This type of shipping using J&T wooden packaging is the safest. Because it can withstand when passing through steep terrain, so it can be less affected by shocks. However, please note that packing with wood is certainly more expensive than without wood. Therefore, only use wooden packing for certain items.

Broken Goods

The first type of goods is glassware.  2. Liquid matter One way to send liquid goods to be safe is to use wooden packing. Because liquid objects have a risk of spilling or leaking during the delivery process. Regarding some examples of liquid objects Zip Codes Email List that are often packaged using wood, such as honey, hand sanitizers, oil, liquid chemicals, and many more. Electronic Read Also Complete List of ID Express Kediri Offices: Starting from Head Office to Agents.

J&T Wood Packing Costs

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The cost of packing wood through J&T has a calculation that is not far from other expeditions, such as TIKI and JNE. There are two factors that determine the cost of wood packaging at J&T: Type of goods sent, as previously described. Because electronics and vegetables have different prices. The dimensions of the goods or the weight of the goods being packed. From J&T’s side, it actually doesn’t publish the cost of wood packing mussels. However, if you refer to wood packing in several marketplaces, prices start from . The cost of packing J&T wood will be directly be Country List a accumulated with shipping costs. So if you want to estimate the total cost, you can immediately check J&T shipping costs as well.  tips. 1. Create multiple shipping labels The cost of packing J&T wood Before sending J&T packages with wooden packaging, you should make 2 shipping labels. This label contains data information about the sender and recipient, such as name, address and contact number.

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