WordPress Hosting Is: Service Benefits from IDwebhost

WordPress is the most popular CMS or Content Management System in the world. In fact, almost all websites in Indonesia use this CMS. Because of the popularity of WordPress, in the end many hosting companies provide WordPress hosting services. Well, WordPress hosting is a dedicated hosting service for the WordPress CMS.

This one hosting service is certainly different from hosting services in general. This difference can even be seen from the name which is specifically for the WordPress CMS. The features offered in the WordPress hosting service itself are also different from other services .

WordPress Hosting Is

In the opening, explained a little about the meaning of  . Well, the meaning of   is a service from a special hosting provider for the WordPress CMS. This hosting service is actually often also known as Managed WordPress Hosting.

Well, the notion of Managed WordPress Hosting is a team that helps manage and optimize users’ WordPress websites . In accordance with the understanding, because this one hosting service is specifically for WordPress, the features offered are also different. Starting from a larger storage limit, guaranteed security, to free premium themes.

The advantage of this hosting service is that it can further help improve the performance of your WordPress website . This is because the Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Email List resource limit is greater than other types of hosting such as shared hosting. So, the process of loading your site will be faster even though you are being flooded with visitors at one time.

Apart from that, with this service you can manage your website better. Starting from auto – update themes and plugins, anti-virus security and malware protection , to the auto feature . With all these features, your website will avoid crashes and lags. Therefore, you WordPress hosting service for your website .

However, because the service is different from other types of hosting, the price is different. Need to spend a little more expensive for you to buy this service. In addition, there are some limitations such as smaller disk space and the number of visitors per month.

Advantages of IDwebhost WordPress Hosting Service

users . So, in the explanation regarding the meaning of above, this service is also known as Managed  Hosting. IDwebhost is one of the best companies for hosting in Indonesia that provides this  hosting service.

This service is certainly different from cheap hosting services for websites . For WordPress hosting itself, IDwebhost provides three types of packages with prices starting from IDR 19,900 to IDR 69,900 per month. Of course, all three have different facilities.

Even so, this package from IDwebhost has the advantage of various features that make it easier for you. The features of WordPress Hosting from IDwebhost are as follows:

Premium WordPress Hosting

Even though generally every  service provides the same features such as resource limits , speed, and security, you still have to pay attention to the specifications. So, every WordPress Hosting package from IDwebhost is a premium service complete with various features. In fact, your site can be accessed 40 times faster than a regular web server.

Industry Email List

Another advantage of the WordPress be Country List a hosting package from IDwebhost is that when you buy this service package, you will get a free domain. There are about seven free domains to choose from for WordPress websites in . Interestingly, you don’t need to bother handling it yourself because it will be setup by a team of experts from IDwebhost.

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