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 You’ll get the best results if you can give your readers something in return for giving you their email address. Good alternatives are different guides, video series, etc. However, don’t make this type of post very often, a couple of times a month is enough. is one where you share, for example, an inspiring picture with text or write a good and longer update where you give your followers, for example, good tips for a puzzle.  posts that your followers like, you will get more organic visibility from Facebook and promote interaction with your readers.

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Sales post , because too many of them will quickly drive your followers away. It is good to do direct sales posts at new database most once a month or even less. to provide some added value to your followers, and followers aren’t just meant to bring you money. 4. Advertising on Facebook Have you tried Facebook ads to bring more readers to your blog? Facebook ads are, at least for now, a fairly inexpensive way to advertise online and their targeting possibilities are excellent. The description of your ideal reader that you prepared in the first point will help you target Facebook ads to the right people who are interested in your topic. strategy for Facebook advertising in your Facebook strategy.

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complicated and time-consuming, but decide on clear guidelines for it to work Country List according to. be, for example, that you always sponsor a Facebook post leading to your new blog post for five euros per day, for a few days, to a target group you have already saved, which you have compiled based on your ideal reader description. Facebook advertising is best learned through experimentation, so initially you should keep the advertising budget small until you find the most effective target groups and ways to advertise. Summary Facebook strategy, the first thing I would say is defining one’s own ideal reader and planning content to appeal to this ideal reader..

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