Zero BS WordPress CRM

Apart from having an interesting name because BS is an acronym for “Bullish*t”, this WordPress CRM plugin also offers a variety of advanced features. As the name suggests, Zero BS WordPress CRM is very easy to install and suitable for both small and large businesses.

Through this plugin, you can store all customer information, such as location and contact information, Inyo can even add personal notes for each customer. One thing that makes this plugin look unique and different is when you use it for  accounting .

Featured Features

  • Store customer information using simple forms.
  • Track the flow of expenses and income of your business, which is then divided into various categories.
  • Check unpaid invoices.
  • Monitor how much money each Clinics Email List customer earns. Zero BS WordPress CRM also allows you to check gross and net income, track discounts, monitor unpaid invoices, and much more. Overall, Zero BS WordPress CRM is a very good solution if you want to check anything that deals with numbers.

3. Woocommerce CRM

Industry Email List

Apart from WooCommerce, so that online stores can grow rapidly and significantly, there’s nothing wrong with installing and activating CRM. Because every month, as a user, you can handle tens, hundreds, even thousands of sales.

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager provides  customer-specific metrics. Through this feature, you can see who are the best or loyal customers. Apart from making it easier for you to contact each customer, this software also allows you if you want to assign tasks or assignments to employees to do  customer outreach  via a plugin.

Provides advanced metrics for each customer.

Allows business owners to assign tasks to employees or other people so they can  follow up on  potential clients or businesses.

Adding custom fields to the customer file

The first Best WordPress CRM Plugin is WP ERP. In fact this software is one of the many plugins that offer a ‘full-fledged’ CRM system. Such systems include CRM features, human resource management options, and  accounting functionality .

In other words, this plugin makes it easier for you to manage customers and employees and  store  information on where be Country List a money is being sent and where the money is coming from. Even though there are many single plugins to choose from, WP ERP remains the best solution.

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