Digitization is our daily bread

Digitization is our daily bread. Opinion leader is a user who is well known in your field. If you are promoting a concert , then this is a musician and presenter ; if a master class for business , then this is a business mia journalist and speaker ; bloggers are suitable for any event. As a rule , opinion leaders can be participants in your event or users with more than , subscribers. Famous participants in your event can be ask to repost your news from the meeting for free , mia people can be ask to repost for a free invitation to events , and bloggers can be paid for publication.

THALE & BIMobject an important stage

Reposts and posts can also be purchase. In popular and thematic photo editing servies communities. Thematic here means the correspondence of the interests of the majority of its subscribers with the topic of the post content. The cost of repost can reach up to thousand rubles , on average it is rubles. Step . Start promoting the event We determine the budget , set up targeting , select public pages for publication , and agre on a price with opinion leaders. Create a Schule of actions inviting , publishing posts in a meeting , purchasing reposts and posts in communities. And make a table with the headings Tool , Cost Result.

BIM as the key to a new approach

You carry out the actions from the Schule. Monitor the results Country List and fill out the final table. During the meeting, write posts every day ducat to the event. These could be photos from preparations , a video invitation , a countdown , reminders about benefits and contacts. All this will allow you to communicate with the audience who join the meeting and will allow you to convey the benefits of the event to those who have not yet decid to go or not. At this stage, customer support is extremely important. They ask a question this is a warm.

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