Here are some best practices on how you can upgrade your CLV:

Repeat Purchase Campaign

If you have your own eCommerce store, you can send post-purchase thank you emails to your customers who made the initial purchase. You can also send a cart abandonment email if a recently purchased customer still has items left in their cart. This will encourage him to buy more items from your store.

As a Lazada seller, you can also use Lazada CEM to send messages to shoppers who have left some items in their cart and then remind them to complete the purchase. You can talk about the benefits of your product or how completing a purchase now will benefit them (i.e. ongoing promotions, discounts). For a more detailed overview of Lazada CEM, you can check out our post on Lazada CEM – An Introduction to Engagement Management At Lazada .

When a new customer makes a purchase

An example of a backfill campaign is when you send a customer an email thanking them for their first purchase along with a discount code that the customer can use on their next purchase. To make sure whatsapp mobile number list that the customer can use the discount and make a second purchase, you can add a short survey that asks the customer if he or she wants to receive the code today or in a month or so.

we recommend sending them a personalized recommendation as part of their thank you email.

If you are a Lazada/Shopee seller, you can send vouchers to first time buyers as a way to persuade them to make a second purchase.

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value

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So if someone buys a camera from your store, your upselling options could be a camera bag, different sized camera lenses or a camera case. Since these items are often purchased together, recommending these items increases your chances of buying both from that customer.

If you are a Lazada or a Shopee seller, the Country List upsell occurs in the recommendations widget of each platform. Shopee and Lazada can do this through consumer behavior within the platform.

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