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The selecte target group can try out the product for themselves. This direct experience provides a more rational way to evaluate and appreciate the solution offere by the product. Commplace PR agency How to conduct an effective sampling campaign? Sampling can take many forms. For example, product samples can be: – distribute during special events, fairs, – distribute in or near the store, – insert as inserts into newspapers or magazines, – distribute as advertising mail. Samples can also be sent to customers as free additions to other products.

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An example of such a solution is a toothpaste sample attache to a mouthwash. Another variant is sampling attache to another product after purchase – a sample of laundry detergent that is attache to a new washing machine. Commplace PR agency Equally effective and profitable is the distribution of samples by an industry partner relate to whatsapp mobile number list the company’s nature of business. Recently, I receive a free sample of a new moisturizer from a beauty salon receptionist along with a discount coupon for a full-size bottle of the product. This is a perfect example of putting a product in the hands of a consumer who has a specific nee to meet, and therefore is able to appreciate its value.

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A sampling campaign can be an important first step in convincing a consumer to try a product for the first time. It can also be the first step in creating an emotional connection between the company’s product and the target consumer – a branding Country List action . This emotional connection is the basis for building brand loyalty. We recommend Recommendation marketing, or how to create a good opinion about the company Sampling action – what to watch out for? Let’s assume that the company is convince: a sampling campaign is launche. It aims to attract new buyers, increase audience diversity and encourage existing customers to buy more products.

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