How to scale a small-scale e-commerce

How to scale a small-scale e-commerce. I have already received several emails from interested people and I have not yet responded to all of them (sorry!). At first I would have to focus on 1-2 large ones with amounts of 20k per investor upwards so that the higher level of work is also profitable. To give you an idea. From 20k we can generate 10k of profit that is shared with the investor so 5k would come out clean. It’s a lot of money but we work for it.

What you need before thinking about scaling How to scale

How to scale a small-scale e-commerce. For this type of business, some executive data points must be met. This is not about “I set up my niche with zero investment.” Have money to be able to invest . Probably the most important thing for my particular case. Despite all the advantages of dropshipping, it is an important advantage to have your own stock and consequently you have to invest between 1,000-5,000 euros in product to start depending on what you want to do. Don’t look for an immediate return . Scaling means growing fast while sacrificing profits.

Upload billing month by month – this is what scale e-commerce

he recent collecting project is making me so excited because something atypical happens in the Country List business world. I am getting quick results in a short time . This motivates enormously but also makes you feel too comfortable. Things do not work out the first time and it is a matter of time  project that require a greater investment of time.

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