The purchasing process but also attract new customers

The purchasing process but also attract new customers improving. The acquisition cost they ratify the suitability of the brand’s value. Proposition product distribution channels and employee service and confirm. The sales strategy they promote customer satisfaction with a good choice. Where the establishment’s rating has gone from. In to out of in they become a communication and feback tool with their consumers. As another source of structur and unstructur customer data. Increase the reputation of the company what artificial intelligence brings. To reviews reviews do not allow us to establish causality with the sign and degree of the evaluation. If they are not accompani by an opinion.

What is a Digital Ecosystem

Thanks to artificial intelligence it is now feasible to collect and process this valuable information. In the customer report “experience and satisfaction of disneyland hotel. Through big data analysis of online customer reviews” on disneyland’s hotel offering mobile app designs service mdpi the stages on. Which the analysis of customer reviews were bas are describ. Of artificial intelligence processes where the first thing is to extract significant. Data from the text through a semantic network. Analysis machine learning bas models for semantic recognition. Through the use of neural networks deep learning orange in méndez aparicio & dec b knowlge is distribut in layers.

Why a diagnosis of the Digital Ecosystem

That share value judgments and from the patterns provid value relationships can establish tween them . Different reviews and the emotional Country List impact caus on the client. Among the most relevant conclusions obtain the process discover that food was a very important issue for customers as well as aspects associat with the value of money and amenities. This provid an important area of ​​improvement for the hotels. Reviews as a tool to close the loop reviews are not only relevant in improving customer acquisition costs but are ing incorporat by companies.

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